Eggbert now guarantees its products to be free of antibiotics and hormones. When you buy Eggbert eggs you can be rest assured that that the product is safe and healthy.

Marketing and Sales
We believe in open, honest dealings based on superior customer service. We deliver to meet our mutual needs.

Food Safety
All Eggbert's Pack stations recently received its HACCP accreditation from the SABS.

Two of Eggbert's egg laying facilities have changed ownership as part of Eggbert's BEE Program. The transaction will see the egg laying facilities supply Eggbert exclusively in long term supply contracts.

Eggbert Eggs has a long-standing relationship with consumers, supplying quality eggs and egg products to various retail outlets throughout South Africa. The brand survived various ownership changes and actually became the flagship name of a new National Egg Company formed in 1999, Eggbert Eggs (Pty) Ltd. The new egg company has also been one of the leaders in stimulating the development of Black Economic Empowerment inside the group in line with Government guidelines. This lead to various activities such as the selling of two farms to management and workers in 2004 and subsequent preferential procurement. Eggbert’s Black Economic Empowerment Scorecard has an overall rating of 62%.

Eggbert became the first egg company in South Africa to print a trace code on all its eggs allowing for a full traceability system where any egg can be traced back to the farm and date of production. This gives both our customers and consumers total peace of mind in the quality of our eggs.

Eggbert produce and distribute the most comprehensive product range in South Africa including Commercial, Free Range, specialty such as Organic and Omega Enriched plus the all new Pasteurised Shell Eggs. This is done by applying the most modern production techniques combined by hands on stockmanship. The latest product range namely Pasteurised Shell Eggs to be added to the product family is a result of intensive research with science partners such as the CSIR. This product made Eggbert not only a leader in South Africa but also a World Leader being the first company to be able to supply pasteurised shell eggs to the broad retail, restaurant and catering industries. In an era where consumers are concerned about health risks we believe that this product will show strong growth in the years to come.

In 2001 Eggs-r-Easy (Pty) Ltd was founded and forms part of the Eggbert Eggs Group. Eggs-r-Easy manufactures egg products for use as ingredient in the Food and Related Industry. Our customer base includes: Foodcorp, Nestle, Tiger Brands, Piemans, Unilever SA and various other companies in the Food Industry. Our processing facility is situated in Boksburg, Gauteng and we also have a distribution facility in Phoenix, KZN.

All of the Eggbert Packing Stations are now HACCP approved making it the first large egg company to have broad based HACCP approval. This achievement is just further confirmation of the leading role Eggbert is playing in taking food safety and consumer confidence serious. Achieving and maintaining these high levels of Food Safety Standards are only possible through dedicated staff and management.

Eggbert Eggs has a strong social responsibility and to this end donates eggs to Jakaranda Orphanage, Phuthaditjhaba Orphanage (Aids), Villa Liza Day Care Centre, Paradise Day Care Centre, Amoati Project (Feeding Scheme).